How to effectively study online at RMIT

Successful online learning strategies

It can be daunting to start an online course and you may think it’s a lonely undertaking, but there are many simple ways to make your online study a success. RMIT University has a team of dedicated Student Success Advisors (SSAs), who are there to support you.

When you’re an online student at RMIT, you can contact your Student Success Advisor with questions you might have. They know all about online study and are more than happy to teach you the best strategies for how to learn online if you’ve not done it before. There are also plenty of resources and tools for you to turn to, as well as online discussion groups and other ways to stay in touch with your fellow students. Annie Jhajj from our Student Success Advisor says:

“We really encourage you to let us know what’s happening with your studies, we are only a phone call away so never hesitate to call us or email us if you need a bit of advice or guidance.” 

Here are some of the Success team's online learning strategies for successful study.

Manage your time and prepare

It’s incredibly important to plan ahead and build a solid understanding of your course overview. Know when your assessments are due, but also prepare for times where you may be busy at work or in your home life. Downtime is also very important for online study success, so don’t forget to allow for holidays or time with family or friends.

Study when you’re sharpest

To get the most out of your time, allocate study time for each week and figure out which time of day best suits your learning style. Maybe you’re a morning person, or perhaps your mind is more active after work. Whatever your preference, make sure you maximise your personal peak study times and allow for at least 15 to 20 hours each week. Make sure you’re not hungry or tired and plan regular breaks to give your brain some rest. Try not to procrastinate; it makes you feel guilty when you know you should really be studying, so focus on the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get when you’ve studied instead.

Let people around you know you’re studying

Inform your family, friends and workplace about your studies. Your family and friends want you to succeed, so share your schedule at home and give yourself some alone time at home to study. Be prepared to delegate tasks to others, they’ll be more than happy to help. At work, let people know that you’re studying to improve your professional skill set. Perhaps they might sponsor you or are able to support you in another way. It’s quite possible they will benefit from your studies.

Create a study space

Make sure you study in a location that is conducive to your learning, that is void of distractions and where the internet is reliable and fast. Perhaps you might like to set your phone to ‘flight’ mode to avoid social media notifications, whether you’re using it as a tool for study or not. You may find you study best at home, or perhaps at a library or in a café. Experiment with your locations and find a study place that’s most comfortable for you.

Join a study group or find a buddy

It’s really helpful when you can discuss your course material with a fellow student or a study group. Even if you can’t study together in person, set up a time to chat online or study at the same time. Be mindful not to use social media to contact each other as this may lead to distraction, instead choose a platform such as Google Chat or Basecamp. Sharing the study experience will remind you that you’re not alone and support you through peak study times.

Use the resources available to you

Besides the support of the student success advisors, RMIT offers a range of helpful resources both online and on campus. You can find all your course materials via the online learning platform, Canvas, which is accessible at any time from your desktop, tablet or phone. RMIT’s Learning Hub is also packed with helpful study tools and information to help you achieve your best throughout your studies. And don’t forget the RMIT Library, which is also accessible online. There’s no need to head onto campus in order to access a wealth of e-books, journal articles and other digital resources to support your assessments.

Focus on the finish line

The end is never really that far away, but make sure you enjoy the journey. Celebrate your successes, large or small, and reward yourself when you submit an assessment. Don’t forget, you’re putting in a lot of hard work towards attaining a degree and graduating. Keep in mind that you have the support and resources to make your online study a success.

Here are tips and advice from our RMIT Student Success team about how to prepare for online study.

When equipped with these online learning strategies, you’re bound to succeed because managing your studies while working and enjoying your home life is made easier.

So, if you’ve been thinking about studying an online course to enhance your professional future, reach out to RMIT’s enrolment team today on 1300 701 171.