How much will online study cost?

While it’s impossible to put a value on knowledge, RMIT’s online programs are still competitively priced. The cost of your overall qualification will depend on how many courses you need to take.

If you are eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), you may be able to reduce the number of courses you need to complete to graduate from a program.

2018 Fees
Program name Tuition fee per course for 2018* Estimated program cost*
Graduate Certificate of Commerce $3,720 $14,880 for 4 courses
Master of Commerce $3,720 $44,640 for 12 courses
Master of Engineering (Management) $3,840 $46,080 for 12 courses
Graduate Certificate in Project Management $3,240 $12,960 for 4 courses
Graduate Diploma in Project Management $3,240 $25,920 for 8 courses
Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management $3,720 $14,880 for 4 courses
Master of Human Resource Management $3,720 $44,640 for 12 courses
Graduate Certificate in Marketing $3,720 $14,880 for 4 courses
Master of Marketing $3,720 $44,640 for 12 courses
Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics Management $3,720 $14,880 for 4 courses
Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management $3,720 $44,640 for 12 courses

* The tuition fee per course is based on 12 credit points. The estimated program cost is the cost for the qualification, based on 2018 fees and the number of 12 credit point courses shown.


Can I get any fee assistance?

Some students may be eligible (such as Australian citizens or holders of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa) to apply to defer payment of some or all of their tuition fees via the Commonwealth Government’s FEE-HELP loan scheme. 

Visit our HELP loans page for lots of useful information about eligibility, how to apply and payment. You can apply for FEE-HELP once you have enrolled in a program.

HELP loans are not available to international students.