An agile project manager showing colleagues work on a whiteboard
Project Management
25 July 2023

The key to any successful project is effective management, and typically, this means applying the proper framework or principles of project management. Agile Project Management is a common...

People working together on a project
Project Management
10 January 2023

Project management is a dynamic and evolving profession that can lead to incredible career opportunities. However, like most fast-paced industries, it’s not without challenges. Understanding how...

Woman standing in front of a whiteboard and talking to her male colleague about why leadership is important in project management
Project Management
23 May 2022

The meaning of ‘good leadership’ has changed dramatically when it comes to project management.

The old-fashioned authoritarian style of leadership is no longer effective in Australian...

A man in corporate suits talking on the phone and asking are online degrees respected
Data Science, Business, Project Management, Supply Chain and Logistics, Human Resources
13 April 2022

The number of people studying online to enhance their career has more than doubled. The...