A marketer looking at sales targets and figures on a laptop screen
The number of Marketing Technology or MarTech solutions is growing. More specialised and more focused applications are regularly emerging to help out with almost any marketing activities you can...
Young woman standing near whiteboard with a laptop in her hands and looking to her male colleague, that holds a chart with the results. Another colleague looks at it with a smile.
Business nowadays certainly isn’t what it used to be. From the fact that many well-known companies don’t actually turn a profit, to the fact that the world’s largest providers of transport or...
A woman pointing out the steps in project management on a wall chart
Project Management
The last 18 months have seen an extraordinary change in the business landscape, with some industries experiencing 10 years worth of digital transformation virtually overnight. While many businesses...
Bearded IT Specialist in Glasses is Working on Laptop in Data Center while Standing Near Server Rack
data science strategy and leadership
Until recently, it’s been unusual for business leaders on the executive or the board to have a great deal of data literacy. Yet, harnessing data has been a major area of interest for many...
Shot of a group of colleagues having a brainstorming session at work
If you were to apply the five Ps of marketing to your career, how would the ‘p’ for price stack up? As a marketing manager, where do you rank on the payscale? And would a higher level...
A male supply chain manager checking his notes while standing in a warehouse
Supply Chain and Logistics
In 1945, the milk from Malanda in Far North Queensland took two days to reach Townsville by train. But Arthur Battle could see a better way, so he loaded up his truck and got the milk there by road...