Setting up an effective study area

So you’ve decided to study online. While that’s excellent for your schedule and work hours, it can often mean not having a specific study space, designed to nurture your productivity. Below are our top five tips for setting up a study area that will motivate you to study as well as increase your productivity.

1. Organise your space and files

Having an accessible, tidy workspace is really important to studying productively. You need to ensure your environment is conducive to learning – that means piles of old books, papers or junk really need to go. Set up a dedicated space that is just for your learning, a space that doesn’t blur the lines between social and study; you need to be able to switch into study mode when you are in this space so make sure it is organised to do so.

On top of physically organising the room or study space, you also need to organise your digital files. Having readily available and accessible resources on your computer database eliminates time wasting and distractions.

2. Make sure it’s comfortable

Ensuring your study space is comfortable is another simple yet effective way to increase your study success. You want to be comfortable enough so that you’re not distracted by a sore back or legs. However, you don’t want to get too comfortable. You don’t want to risk falling asleep while you’re studying!

3. Minimise distractions

One of the most important steps to take when setting up your study space is to remove distractions – this includes your phone and social media. It can be hard switching your phone off, however, one hour of uninterrupted study is far more effective than three hours of interrupted, distracted study.

Keeping your concentration is vital when you study, so remove the temptation of distractions from your study space. If you eliminate distractions, from TV to messaging apps and social media, your time spent will be more productive, meaning you can get back to these activities sooner.

4. Gather your resources

Your study space should include everything you’re going to need to study effectively. This includes study materials and coursework resources. If you know you work better writing flashcards, ensure you have got the materials for this in your study space. This will eliminate the need to leave the study zone to get them, continuing the flow of learning.

5. Ensure there is plenty of natural light

Studying in dark rooms with little to no natural light can have negative effects, not just on productivity, but also on your mental health. It is important to create a study space that is full of light and where you have access to fresh air to keep your body and mind stimulated.

Now that you know how to set up an effective study space, it’s time to start studying. RMIT University offers a range of online postgraduate programs that cover core areas of business. Advance your skills today and choose to study online with RMIT.