Why choose RMIT Online for your postgraduate qualification?

RMIT student taking notes across from Flinders Street Station

Gone are the days when a single university degree could be relied upon to stay relevant for a person's working life. In a fast-paced world, can we really expect the skills and knowledge we learned in our early 20’s to still be relevant long into our future careers?

RMIT Online will help you keep your skill set relevant and grow your potential from anywhere you like - whether in person or online.

Our courses are 100% online and backed by RMIT University, which has gained a worldwide reputation for effective industry-driven training by expertly navigating the world of work for decades.

In the midst of a disruptive pandemic, our research shows that now more than ever, there’s a great need for highly skilled individuals to sustain our nation’s economic recovery. 

RMIT Online programs are designed to guide career-driven individuals to gain the real-world skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow.

Learn real-world skills from industry experts

RMIT University has always worked alongside industry and business to upskill graduates for constantly changing workplaces.  It’s known for its hands-on, job-ready programs and strong industry connections. 

RMIT Online extends these partnerships, to supply the demand for emerging skills and to bolster the future employee pipeline.

We work with over 80 industry partners ­– including the likes of Adobe, Salesforce, Accenture, REA Group, Apple, and IBM – to prepare our students with relevant skills in new technologies and business approaches.

We’ve drawn on the insights of these leading companies to design a number of RMIT Online programs such as the Graduate Certificate in Workforce Transformation, developed with Deloitte. 

Our industry connections mean our programs remain relevant. That’s why our graduates are prepared to tackle real-world business challenges – now and into the future.

Gain an education from a globally recognised university

RMIT University is one of the most notable universities globally, ranking 281 globally in Best Global Universities 2021.

As a university that sits at the forefront of the industry, cutting-edge design and technology, RMIT has cemented its position as a strong performer across 15 global ranking schemas.

You’ll find us among the top higher education institutions in research, graduate employability and innovation. We’re also making progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Placed 223 in the Quacquarelli Symonds [QS] rankings, which are the crowning glory of higher education ratings, RMIT University holds a sought-after spot. While the QS rankings evaluate the entries of over 5,5000 universities across 80 countries, fewer than 20 per cent earn a position.

Join a community of lifelong learners

We’ve made upskilling easier than ever. All it takes is an internet connection to access RMIT Online, and your device becomes your campus. 

Our user-friendly learning modules are available on any device, at any time, in any location. You can just log in and study on your schedule. That means you can gain a highly recognised education with study that fits into your lifestyle.

RMIT Online is not only accessible, but connectable – so you won’t miss out on the campus comradery. In fact, you’ll build a lifelong career network from near and far.

Our interactive programs are designed to foster collaboration, share ideas and build a sense of community with students who are on the same journey as you.

Developed by learning design experts, RMIT Online programs will unlock your potential. No matter where you are, you’ll get personalised student support. Our success advisors will become your individual performance coach – so you can achieve your career goals.

Get insights into the future skills you need to excel

RMIT Online allows you to future-proof your career. Think of our programs as an investment in your own abilities and job progression.

Linking up with industry, we know where the skills gaps are in today’s employment market. We can also forecast what the key drivers will be for the future of work.

Our programs are designed to deliver work-ready skills and turn our graduates into valuable team members in the workforce – for today and tomorrow.

RMIT Online has its finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to keeping pace with rapid transformation across business. Our programs will ensure you stay relevant in a fast-changing world.