How can a study buddy help you succeed?

A 2014 study by the University of South Australia published in the Journal of Peer Learning, titled Classmate peer-coaching: "A Study Buddy Support scheme", found that 23% more students passed in the study buddy scheme than those who studied alone.

Convenience and flexibility are some of the key drawcards to online study, but there’s no need to do it alone. Studying with a friend can consolidate the knowledge you learn as you progress through your postgraduate studies and introduce you to different ways of analysing information.

Choosing to study with a partner, friend or colleague is a proven strategy for enhanced results. You’re both more likely to achieve success throughout your study journey, and here’s why.

It keeps you motivated

Additional peer support and encouragement from someone you know personally and who understands the demands of a postgraduate degree makes a huge difference when choosing to study online.

Perhaps more importantly, when one of you is feeling demotivated, it’s easy to remind each other why you’re doing this. You are likely to understand your study buddy’s end goals, and care about whether you both get through your studies successfully.

Shared goals strengthen your commitment

Having a study buddy provides an opportunity to share knowledge, giving you another level of insight into course readings and materials. Sharing resources and giving each other advice can also introduce you to more efficient study techniques and improve your productivity.

If you are struggling with a particular topic or assignment, having a person you know and trust to assist is a great way to reduce stress, whether that’s by brainstorming ideas or sharing study schedules for improved time management.

You may feel less inclined to procrastinate with your study buddy on board, increasing your commitment and improving learning outcomes as a result. This contributes to a greater sense of accountability, as your study buddy is depending on you to keep them focused.

You remain accountable

As you don’t attend on-campus classes or lecturers when studying online, showing accountability is critical. Studying with a friend is a great way to keep you accountable for your commitment to further learning.

With shared goals and achievements in sight, you and your study buddy are in it together and will thus benefit from improved results. You’re more likely to push yourself because you don’t want to let your buddy down. It also becomes easier to keep track of assignment deadlines or weekly discussion board contributions; if one party forgets, the other is there to offer a friendly reminder.

It’s a fun, effective way to learn

Not only does learning alongside your buddy provide the academic benefit of an increased pass rate, it adds a social element to your busy schedule; you get to enjoy the company of a friend, while you both work towards your goals.

You could easily compare studying your master's online to a vigorous workout at the gym—it’s like a cardio session for the mind. Just like a gym buddy, your study buddy can help to make it fun, but effective. It may even bring out a little slice of your competitive self, which isn’t such a bad thing when you’re looking to learn and grow professionally.

If you know someone considering a master's degree, why not encourage them to enrol into online study with you? Begin your student journey with a friend and reap the rewards of shared success. For more information, explore our postgraduate courses online or give one of our Student Enrolment Advisors a call on 1300 701 171.