Yes, academic reputation matters. Here’s why

Given the investment of time and money required to earn a postgraduate degree, it’s understandable that students want to make the right decision.

But with so many courses and institutions on offer, how can you be sure your choice will set you up for future success?

One way is to consider the academic reputation of a university by looking at factors such as university rankings and teacher quality.

These indicators of postgraduate program quality are regularly assessed by independent, external organisations and can help provide you with the right information to guide your selection of institution and course.

University rankings

According to one study of more than 14 000 students, 77 per cent consider university rankings and even individual subject rankings to be ‘very important’ when deciding where to study.

Local and international university rankings are published annually and take into account various aspects of a university’s performance including research quality, staff-student ratios, employer perceptions and so on.

Rankings such as the QS World Ranking of Universities and Times Higher Education World University Rankings are among the world’s most credible.

According to the latest QS World Rankings, RMIT University performs highly across a range key of metrics, ranking among the top 15 universities in Australia and achieving a 5-star ranking for excellence in higher education.

Teacher quality

In a knowledge-driven, global economy, teacher quality also plays an important role in equipping postgraduate students with the skills and understandings they need to advance their careers.

It makes sense that high calibre teachers can have an impact on the value of your degree. Excellent teachers deliver improved learning and better graduate outcomes by preparing students more effectively for career advancement.

The Australian-based Good Universities Guide gives RMIT five stars for teacher quality, as does QS World Rankings. RMIT is also ranked 37th in the world for the international profile of its academic staff.

Other factors to consider when choosing a postgraduate degree

Of course, university rankings and teacher quality are just two factors involved in the decision about where to undertake a postgraduate degree.

Other differentiators – including the quality of student support provided as well as a university’s industry links and employer reputation – are also very important. QS World Rankings lists RMIT in its Top 10 in Australia for employer reputation and our support for postgraduate students is world-leading.

From rankings to teacher quality to overall reputation, if you're looking to complete a postgraduate program with a highly regarded university, contact RMIT today or speak to one of our Student Enrolment Advisors on 1300 701 171.