Getting prepared for online study

Studying online is one of the most flexible and convenient ways to learn. However, self-directed study is also difficult to maintain, particularly when life gets busy and priorities start to pile up.

It is important to remember to make time for your studies, so this helpful guide should be able to keep you on track.

Sticking to a schedule

Just because you aren’t bound by a physical classroom, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep to a set schedule. Ensuring you’ve got enough time set aside to complete assignments, prepare for assessments or research upcoming projects is imperative.

This will ensure you get all your work completed on time and minimise your stress.

Have a dedicated study space

Allocating a place to study is key to efficient and effective learning. You need a space that is a specific study area so that you don’t get tempted to multi-task or stop studying altogether.

Whether it’s a spare office at work, a nook in a room at home or a study room in a library, having your own study space set up will ensure your study sessions are more productive.

Get familiar with the learning environment

Studying online means you will be responsible for getting to know the online classroom. This learning environment has been purpose-built for online learning, optimised for your classes and programs.

Ensuring you know how to navigate the learning environment prior to commencing the coursework is important so that you’re not wasting time once the classes begin. You need to be able to efficiently work with the digital tools included in the learning environment, so a discovery session prior to coursework beginning is recommended.

Ensure you have regular internet access

This one may be hard depending on your location; however, studying online requires regular internet access. This might mean going to the local library for sessions, staying back at work for a few extra hours or even utilising internet connectivity at a friend or family member’s house.

It is important to have your internet connectivity organised prior to coursework beginning so you don’t miss out on any classes or online sessions.

Staying on top of your workload

It’s easy to get complacent when you get behind in your studies. Particularly with online learning, it can be easy to fall behind. Ensuring that you are up to date with all assignments and coursework is the best way to ensure you remain on top of your workload.

To assist with this, RMIT offers a dedicated concierge service that’s available to guide you through your coursework. Whether you need help with an assignment, some advice on catching up on late work or simply need some motivation to keep going, our concierge team is there for you from the day you enrol through to graduation.

If you’re ready to start online studying, RMIT University has a range of exceptional online postgraduate programs available to students across the world. Discover our online programs and take the steps to advancing your career opportunities today.