Why study a Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management degree

Why choose to study supply chain and logistics management

In the fast-evolving and broad industry of supply chain and logistics, it’s important that its leaders have strategic and practical skills. They are informed about its innovations and ready for its future possibilities.

With RMIT University’s online Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management (SCLM), you can expand on your existing skills or build on your experience in related fields so you can move into a leading role.

There are exciting career prospects in supply chain and logistics, both locally and globally. This degree will give you the confidence and edge to seize opportunities when they arise. You’ll have sound knowledge of the operational, environmental, technological and cultural intricacies of SCLM.

So, how exactly will this master’s degree benefit your future and enable you to progress?  

Global best practice and future focussed

The online Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management program has two key outcomes. First is developing the ability to understand the industry’s best practices at a global level, and the second is to build knowledge and skills to meet today’s requirements as well as prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

As SCLM is an inherently global industry with a web of interconnected networks, you will examine international case studies and trade and logistics. You’ll build holistic, in-depth skills and knowledge based on global best practice and technological advances impacting the industry.

Developed by experienced academics and global leaders in the field, the program focuses on thinking strategically, making analytical decisions and developing your communication and team-working skills.

When you complete RMIT’s online degree in SCLM, you will build an agility to adapt to change, a mind that is prepared and flexible, and knowledge that will be sought after worldwide.

Operational foundations

Gain knowledge and skills in the way SCLM operates on a functional level, such as how to design and manage supply chains on a global scale, and the procurement of goods and services.

This program will help you understand the principles of supply chain management. You will learn how to collaborate with organisations across the supply chain, implement effective processes and how to resolve issues. The program covers topics like warehousing, distribution, inventory management and transportation.

You will also learn how to work in a team and how you can confidently negotiate, establish and manage complex contractual relationships.


This online degree in SCLM will give you skills to understand and implement e-supply chains, and teach you about the appropriate hard- and software. You’ll learn about the relationship between e-supply chains and e-commerce, and how they relate to strategic business operations and getting a competitive advantage.

Project management

The courses in this program will help you gain practical knowledge in project management. During your studies, you will have group projects so you can practise your project-management and communication skills.

When you graduate you will know a range of techniques to manage projects and communicate effectively within a team, particularly as a leader.

Data-driven decision making

RMIT’s online Masters of SCLM will help you use data to make strategic decisions. It will teach you statistical and quantitative analysis so you can design agile supply chains.

You will also learn how to use mathematical models to problem solve, and predictive modelling to improve performance in supply chains and logistics.

Sustainable practices

The course will help you understand the impact of environmental legislation and policies on supply chain practices. You’ll learn how logistics-network design and practices can be used to gain a competitive and global advantage.

Start your degree now

Although it might have been a while since you did an undergraduate degree and you might be working, students like Shane Duran are succeeding thanks to the flexibility and support from the online learning experience.

Shane had a bit of trepidation combing work commitments and assignment requirements of his Master of SCLM, but he says “very early on, I realised RMIT provided great support, very good resources, and tutors who are knowledgeable and approachable.”

Shane chose RMIT for two reasons. One was the flexibility of studying online, the other was RMIT’s international reputation: “RMIT had quite a good reputation, so I’d be undertaking a course that was challenging, contemporary and would give me useful skills that I could apply immediately in my workplace.”

Become a global leader of tomorrow in supply chain and logistics management with the help of a Master of Logistics Management degree. Contact the Enrolment team for more information on 1300 701 171.