Online or on-campus – what's right for you?

Making the decision to take on postgraduate study is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, nor should choosing whether to do so online or on-campus. We look at some of the benefits associated with both learning options, to help make the decision a little easier.

On-campus: blending social and study

On-campus postgraduate study is ideal for students who thrive in face-to-face learning environments. The on-campus experience is also beneficial for those students who find they learn most effectively with the discipline of fixed timetables, when group discussion happens primarily within the physical classroom or lecture theatre. Some students may also find they do not have the discipline required, or lack confidence in their ability to complete assignments online, so on-campus learning is more suited.

Another benefit of on-campus study is the accessibility to extra-curricular activities. Students can interact with others, both within their respective program as well as outside an area of study, and get involved in various types of on-campus activities, such as sporting groups or leadership programs.

Online: flexibility and no location restrictions

As technology improves and our world becomes increasingly interconnected, online learning is gaining popularity – and rightly so. For those who are time poor, already working full-time, tied up with family commitments or reside in remote or rural areas, 100 per cent online intensive programs like those offered at RMIT provide working professionals and avid adult learners with the option to build on their skills and progress professionally, without compromising other commitments.

Not only is this model flexible, in that it allows you to choose where and when you study, but it also gives students the opportunity to fast-track their learning through shorter study blocks, so they can get on with their lives while gaining the skills they need for career advancement. While self-discipline and time management is required, working professionals are able to continue full-time work and get the qualifications they need to get ahead. They also benefit from interaction with fellow students and course instructors through the social features of leading-edge online learning platforms, a standout feature of RMIT's new online programs.

It’s up to you

In 2010, Bill Gates predicted that in five years the best lectures in the world will be made available online and in some ways, his prediction now seems a reality. The accessibility of university postgraduate programs online has risen, and made it easier for more people from different backgrounds and life circumstances to study, while traditional, campus-based learning environments promote face-to-face social experiences and structured learning environments. Each model has its advantages, it’s simply a matter of determining which model works best for your learning style.

Still can't decide?

Watch the video with one of our learning designers and academics, explaining the online learning experience at RMIT University.

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