How to reach your potential in HR management

Professionals in HR management understand the importance of learning and development for others, yet identifying their own needs is not often a focus. It’s becoming increasingly important for those working in HR to reflect on their own leadership and management attributes, and address any gaps in their skillset, which will enable them to stand out in their field.

Here are some of the qualities you should master to help you transition into HR management roles with gusto.


As a HR manager, you’re going to be juggling several tasks at any given time, so it’s important to get your organisation skills up to scratch. No matter the size of your organisation, keeping your files in order will make the job a whole lot easier. Priorities move and change quickly, so keeping up with the pace of a modern business and its people is essential to your success in HR. If you can manage to remain organised with the limited amount of time you do have, it demonstrates to senior members your ability to execute decisions effectively in a timely manner, making you a valuable asset.


Communication is one of the main pillars of HR—not simply on a corporate level, but from an employee perspective, too. If your communication channels and strategies are ineffective, there’s a chance your HR strategy and efforts will also fall at the wayside. HR managers need to be flexible in their approach, as the methods of communication are varied and depend greatly on the audience. Nevertheless, clarity and consistency must be observed; the way you deliver this can have a positive effect on other aspects of your role, as well as your position within an organisation.

Conflict management

Conflict management is largely managed by the HR department, which means your skills in this area need to be on point. It’s only natural for personality clashes and similar issues to arise in a workplace. It’s up to HR to problem solve the best way to achieve a pleasant working environment, which balances high productivity with respect. The most effective HR manager is able to ensure that all employees continue to work together in a professional and productive manner, without inhibiting other teams from meeting deadlines and delivering optimal results.


By pioneering a company’s conscience and retaining confidential information, HR professionals ensure policies and regulations are followed accordingly. This is not an easy feat, considering there may be conflicting views and pressure from different directions. Outstanding HR managers know when to push (and how firmly) in order to keep things on the straight and narrow, which is why this quality is one of the most crucial to succeeding in HR management.

No one said the HR gig was easy, but if you make a conscious effort to hone these vital skills and put them into practice, the reward is significant. Postgraduate study provides the theory behind much of this practice, developing core competencies that can be applied directly to the workplace. Discover how a Master of Human Resource Management from RMIT Online has the power to change your career outlook. Find out more by calling a Student Enrolment Advisor on 1300 701 171.