Earn a global degree without leaving your lounge room

Interested in achieving a higher degree from an internationally recognised university, but don’t want to relocate or take time out from work? Here’s how.

Qualify without leaving home

You can achieve a postgraduate qualification while continuing to live in your home country. By doing your degree online, there’s no need to take a career break or juggle family commitments or relocate.

Enrolling in an online postgraduate course with RMIT allows you to achieve a highly regarded qualification from a respected university without having to move, leave your job or put your family responsibilities on hold while you study.

Achieve a recognised, global degree

In a competitive jobs market, a global perspective is a huge asset. Adding a globally recognised postgraduate qualification to your resume can give you an edge and help you achieve career success.

RMIT is a world-class university, offering postgraduate degrees which blend Australian and international perspectives. As an RMIT online student, you’ll learn from staff whose academic qualifications are complemented by real-world professional experience and strong links to industry. Furthermore, many RMIT lecturers and tutors have lived and worked throughout Asia and have a deep understanding of how business is done across the continent.

You’ll also connect with an international network of like-minded peers. RMIT’s online students are located across the world, but share a common focus on accelerating their career through a higher degree that’s recognised by major employers around the globe.

Is an online degree different to a degree earned on-campus?

Online degrees from RMIT are exactly the same as a degree earned on-campus at RMIT in Melbourne. Your testamur won’t even mention that you’ve studied online. They offer the same academic rigour and engagement as a face-to-face program.

The difference with RMIT’s online study compared to on-campus study, is that you can achieve your qualification from anywhere in the world.

Cost effective study, when it suits you

It’s significantly cheaper to study online with RMIT, particularly when you’re an international student. Without visa or relocation costs, not to mention the cost of living overseas while you study, the savings are significant.

At RMIT, online postgraduate study is flexible. You can progress through your program at your own pace and devise a flexible study schedule that suits your existing professional and personal commitments.

What can I study?

RMIT’s online postgraduate programs are designed to lift your career prospects across a range of industries and sectors. Masters, graduate diploma and graduate certificate programs are offered in supply chain and logistics management, human resource management, commerce, engineering management, marketing and project management.

You can discover more about RMIT’s range of online postgraduate programs here or speak to one of the University’s Student Enrolment Advisers now on 1300 701 171.