Why you need the right talent for the right projects

It sounds obvious; if you want a project completed to an exemplary standard, you have to have an exemplary team on the case. However, many companies still try to cut corners, most often stemming from the belief that hiring workers with the right level of skill can be too costly and difficult.

So what if we said that hiring the right talent can actually be a more cost-efficient practice? Like any good investment, taking the time (and initial expenditure) to get a skilled team together for your project will provide great advantages down the line.

When thinking about hiring talent for your next project, consider just some of the benefits of putting in a few extra miles to place the right workers.

Efficiency costs

According to research from CFO, having the correct alignment of talent and organisational strategy results in projects being successful 72 per cent of the time, compared to 58 per cent of the time when that alignment is not there. On average, businesses tend to waste 33 per cent less dollars on projects when they have alignment, too.

This is simply a case of efficiency. When you have invested the time and money to have the right talent on your project, you’re far more likely to reap the benefits of having your project completed successfully, in an efficient timeframe, and with fewer (or no) errors. That’s the advantage that experience and high-level skills brings.

Reputation management

Another benefit of having projects completed to an exceptional standard is reputation management. With a skilled team on your side, you can rest assured that your organisation’s reputation for quality assurance will be upheld.

Being a company that goes the extra mile when hiring talent is also advantageous to managing reputation, particularly in a climate where that level of excellence isn’t always prioritised.

Talent development

Large-scale projects very rarely depend on hiring entirely new workers from outside of your organisation. It’s highly likely that the team assembled for your project is going to be made up of a meld of internal workers and newly-hired staff.

That’s why bringing in individuals who are highly skilled within your field can benefit your current employees as well. The experience they bring can provide talent development for the other employees assisting them on the project, driving the skill-level of your company ahead even further.

Having the right talent on the right project roles can be incredibly lucrative and beneficial to your company. Planning for this can seem difficult, which is why there are project management courses to help you.

RMIT offers such project management programs online, making it even easier to continue with your 9-5 job while also becoming a more skilled and valuable asset to your company. Speak to a Student Enrolment Advisor today on 1300 701 171 to learn more.