Industries of the future: what are the leadership roles of tomorrow?

In this dynamic new century, technology is advancing rapidly. This has, and will continue to have, a radical effect on the intricacies of the modern workplace. Schools are scrambling to ensure that they have the resources to equip students with appropriate skills for future success.

So, how do we know what areas of the workforce will be most relevant, or most changed by the on-going tech evolution? Here are the industries to watch, as they begin to revolutionise everyday life.


For the uninitiated, wearables are smart electronic technology that can be worn on the body. As the wearable industry has grown, so too have the fashion stakes. The humble FitBit now has seven different styles and counting, while Apple and Michael Kors are just a couple of the retailers who have climbed aboard the wearable technology trend. The industry is growing steadily, so much so that the industry is expected to be worth $34 billion in 2020.

Wearables offer an array of options for the user, from watches that check email, FitBits to track sleep activity. And even Google Glass, which offer users the ability to surf the web without even taking their eyes off what they’re currently doing. The casual glasses deliver an interface that integrates with the natural vision of the user, and is controlled and activated by voice command.

However, the industry that has most keenly embraced the trend is healthcare. Activity trackers have the ability to track heart rate, sleeping patterns and much, much more. This promises significant benefits for tracking an individual’s health over time. As the collection of data grows, it may even influence healthcare trends.

As the main issue plaguing the wearable market currently is that users tend to stop using the product over time, the industry could benefit from strong leadership in several areas. Forging stronger partnerships with hospitals and healthcare professionals would see the uptake rate increase, and increasing functionality will also serve to grow the appeal of the product. For those wishing to dive into the opportunities presented by wearables, a strong understanding of the potential directions of the product is key.

Internet of Things

As our world becomes more interconnected, it is unsurprising that our homes are too. The growth of the Internet of Things has seen over 8 billion devices connected to the internet. This ranges from smart fridges that remember grocery lists to Google’s Home speaker, which can provide answers to a range of queries. The Internet of Things represents the next steps in home convenience, as retailers strive to catch the attention of increasingly time-poor consumers.

Such a wide industry promises an array of opportunities for the ambitious entrepreneur or seasoned leader. From devices designed to make life easier, to smart building materials aimed at saving lives, the possibilities are endless. With so many industries also realising the potential, those who will succeed are the ones who can turn a simple idea into a consumer necessity. Crafting a good concept, and having the determination to see it through is the most vital skill needed to join this expanding industry.


Without a doubt, drones are the future of several industries. From military applications, to the potential to revolutionise the delivery market, drones are currently under-utilised. This is in large part due to concerns around security and privacy. Of the industries mentioned, drones are the one that still has the farthest to go. However, this presents its own opportunities. A flexible individual who can negotiate their way through all the barriers currently limiting drones will undoubtedly become one of the industry leaders. Having an achievable vision for the future of this technology is what will see you go the distance.  

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