A woman in a virtual meeting talking about digital marketing trends
It can be overwhelming to try and stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends. The industry is changing so fast, with new innovations seemingly being released every week. But, to succeed in...
Three students gathering at a table addressing the question what do you love about digital marketing
It's a great time to get into digital marketing. In fact, the Australian Government’s National Skills Commission (NSC) forecasts an 11.4 per cent increase in jobs for advertising and marketing...
A group of five colleagues discussing is hr management a good career.
Human Resources
With plenty of less-than-flattering portrayals of HR Managers in the media, you might be asking yourself, “Is HR management a good career?” And then, after a quick Google search, you might see...
Woman standing in front of a whiteboard and talking to her male colleague about why leadership is important in project management
Project Management
The meaning of ‘good leadership’ has changed dramatically when it comes to project management. The old-fashioned authoritarian style of leadership is no longer effective in Australian...
Man teaching a class of adults how to study hr
Human Resources
Almost every organisation has an HR department or an HR consultant to help them out. Yet many employees don’t understand what human resource management (HRM) is all about. A common misconception...
Woman presenting to a group on why there are still so few women in data science.
Data Science
Developing machine learning models is one of the main tasks for data scientists. According to Analytics Steps, it’s a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to teach computer systems and...