How to stand out as a job seeker

Understanding what direction you want to take your career is one thing; knowing how to put your best foot forward when searching for a job is another. For many, job hunting is a daunting process and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider when you’re aiming to be a stand-out from the job seeker crowd. Here are just a few to get you started.

Go the extra mile online to get noticed

Preparing yourself for job interviews goes far beyond updating your CV. It involves a complete audit of your online presence—particularly on LinkedIn. This social platform is saturated with recruiters looking for the right candidate to place in a role. The key here is to ensure you present the best possible you, which involves highlighting your professional achievements, sharing relevant content and ensuring that you are interacting with the appropriate professional groups. Louise Pope, the founder of recruitment company Aequalis Consulting, emphasises the importance to ‘think and act creatively, and innovatively, in the way you package yourself.’ These small adjustments can make a significant difference when it comes to applying and presenting yourself for a role.

Work with specialist, industry recruiters

If your skills are niche or you specialise in a certain field, it pays to seek the advice and assistance of recruitment personnel or companies who work within the industries you are trying to target. Often, these companies have the best networks and are in frequent contact with senior executives, so it makes sense to connect with those who know the right people. As you work more closely with these recruiters, you’ll begin to develop a deeper understanding of what companies are looking for and become able to identify skill gaps in the market.

Even if you work within a broader field, connecting with recruiters can significantly extend your network to industry influencers or organisations that interest you, particularly the more boutique organisations that you may not have thought to contact. If you simply hop onto major job search platforms to harbour your next career move, you may be limiting the number of employment opportunities that come your way.

Upskill to go further

The demand for highly-skilled employees on top of the evolving career aspirations of professionals, in general, is leading to retention concerns for many organisations. There is a growing awareness that modern-day professionals are constantly seeking to improve within their roles. Knowledge remains key; and to help facilitate this, there are options available for individuals looking to enhance their career trajectory.

A master's qualification is one way in which driven, career-oriented individuals are able to solidify their knowledge and develop relevant, sought-after skills. The great thing about completing a postgraduate degree online is that you are able to continue to work full-time and complete it in significantly less time. So not only will you get further in your career, but you’ll do so faster. In addition, you’ll be able to apply the knowledge you gain from your coursework immediately within a professional context.

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